Take Your Stand

Take Your StandHave you ever felt attacked by someone? Not physically, but by an assault of words or actions? Any kind of attack can cast doubt about who we are, what we can endure, and how we can stand up for what we believe.

No one wants to be attacked. But some of us are, day after day after day.

Continual attacks wear us down. Our self-worth cracks. Shame, regret and guilt from the past come back to haunt us. And for those who are trying to grow in their relationship with Jesus, it often feels like the stronger their faith gets, the worse the attacks become.

Here’s good news: God provides the armor and weapons we need to protect ourselves against attack!

A battle rages all around us. And each of us is called to take a stand, OUR stand. We can be confident that God has the power to overcome every attack. And although we can’t always remove ourselves from the situation at home, work or school, God teaches us how to suit up each morning and be prepared.

The whole Armor of God, when put on and used properly, will defeat the enemy. And for those of us who aren’t into GI Jane or other intense conflicts, thankfully we’re not called to charge into battle and attack others. We’re simply told to stand firm and hold our ground under God’s banner. So let’s put on the full Armor of God:

1. Belt of truth: Surrounds us, holds our armor in place, defeats Satan’s lies

2. Breastplate of righteousness: Protects our body and our heart, including emotions, self-worth, and trust

3. Feet fitted with readiness of the gospel: Moves us to share the gospel of peace, including our story of new life with Jesus

4. Shield of faith: Extinguishes ALL the flaming arrows of the enemy––we have ultimate victory from attack

5. Helmet of salvation: Protects our mind from doubt––we know the end of the story: Jesus wins and we’re with Him in heaven

6. Sword of the Spirit–the Word of God (the only offensive weapon): We must know the Word and be practiced at using it in battle, especially against temptation

7. Secret Weapon–PRAYER: The enemy does not have this––this is our direct link to God and the power of His Holy Spirit in us

No matter where we’ve been, no matter what we’ve done, if we come to Jesus He will stand with us in battle. He provides full armor to protect us, without holes or hidden weak spots. And when we stand together in sisterhood, our shields of faith interlock and together we’re able to stand stronger. There is definitely strength in numbers!

So Girls, let’s get our fabulous Armor of God in place and be ready to stand together! Jehovah-sabaoth, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, our Deliverer, is waiting for us to join Him on the battlefield. Let’s take the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, and wield Truth as we focus on Him. And let’s unleash the power of God in prayer, for ourselves and for others. Rejoice, sisters! For today, victory is His!

“Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:10-11

Let’s Talk: What’s the most important part of the Armor of God for you to remember to put on (and keep on) each day?

May I pray?

Almighty God, You call us to be armed and ready, knowing that attacks will come. But You are stronger than anyone or anything we will ever face. By Your grace and power we share in Your victory and know that we will be in heaven for eternity. Give us the courage today to put on the FULL Armor of God and take our stand with You. Help us to unite with other sisters in Christ so that together we can interlock our shields of faith and encourage each other. And help us remember each day to suit up and wield Your Sword of Truth. Amen.

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