Joy’s Story: My Changed Life

This is my changed life story.

My father died when I was 13, and I was devastated. Why did he leave me? Didn’t he love me anymore? I remember looking at him in the casket and promising, “Daddy, one day I’m going to make you proud.” So began my pursuit for worldly success. And here’s how life in the world, and in rebellion, went––I was getting drunk with friends at age 13; I was date raped at 14, molested by a relative in college, betrayed by my fiancé just days before my wedding.

My life was full of broken relationships and turmoil. Then I perpetuated it in adultery and a second failed marriage that led to an abusive relationship.

But always, I had the drive for success. By 33, I was CFO of a regional broadcasting company and by the world’s standards I had it all––prestigious career, big house, fast living––but the emptiness was dark and lonely. The exorbitant debt strangled me. I struggled to find purpose in my life, and there were days that I barely hung on.

I had everything the world could offer, yet I had nothing that meant anything. I thought I was Christian, yet I did not know Jesus Christ.

Then God brought me to my knees. I languished in the pit of loneliness, stress and despair. I had everything I had wanted––and now what? Nothing and no one filled the void in my life.

But the Lord was there. And He is there for you too.

To the bottom of that pit, God called to me. I cried out to Him. He lifted me out of the darkness, and washed away the mud of the past. I began to find hope as step by step I walked with Him. For the first time in my life I understood what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus––to really KNOW Him. And I learned something: It’s not what I can do; it’s what Jesus has already done.

Now I love the Lord with all my heart. That’s success. And that alone makes my Father proud.

Could God be calling to you today?

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