Love Notes from God

Love notes from GodHave you ever received a love note or small reminder that someone special is thinking about you? What a great feeling! Even the shortest of messages like “Olive you” (i.e. I love you) can put a pep in our step. Knowing someone cares brightens the day and boosts hope in hard times. Love notes confirm we’re not alone. Someone else is in the bunker of life with us.

Until recently, I never realized how many love notes God sends us every day.

Many of us wish we could have a relationship with God like Moses did––where God shows up and speaks from a cloud. Or even the prophet Elijah–although God spoke in a gentle whisper, Elijah was told to go outside and wait because God was about to pass by. He was at the right place at the right time. And he got his shot of encouragement and instructions for what was next. If only we could hear God like that.

The good news is that God speaks to us regularly in various ways. But we have to be ready to look and listen.

God’s love notes are sent just for you. Have you ever read a verse in the Bible and it spoke to your spirit? You may have read that Scripture many times before, but suddenly the words have meaning to what you’re struggling with that very moment. Or you’re running late as you pull into the parking lot and you cavalierly say a quick prayer about a front row spot not really believing you’ll get one. But then a car pulls out just as you arrive in the front row (see more at Front Row Parking and Other Needs). Or you get a message from a friend with a sweet note of encouragement on a day when it feels like nothing is going right. Or a hummingbird comes to your feeder and perches there for a full minute just looking around––iridescent green feathers glowing in the sun.

Soft whispers in our spirit, small “coincidences” through the day, answered prayer, encouraging words from others, the wonder of God’s creation revealed in special moments that will never be repeated. Love notes from God.

As we begin to see these small blessings for what they are, and praise God for continually reaching out to us, we’re filled with a whole new joy. The Creator of the Universe loves us! He sends us small reminders each and every day, letting us know He is all-powerful and willingly orchestrates the minutest details so our ordinary days become extraordinary encounters with Him.

Oh, how our Heavenly Father adores us!

Next time you see what you think may be a love note from God say, “Thank You, Lord!” Anything that turns our thoughts and praise to Him is good! Praise Him for small encounters. He sings to you each day and smiles as He watches over you. Remain in His love. Smile and express your love and affection for Him. Smile and be a love note from God sent to others.

And when you pass by an olive bar in the grocery store, turn His way and say, “God, olive you too!”

“‘I love you just as the Father loves Me; remain in My love.’” John 15:9 (GNT)

Let’s talk: What is something you experienced that may have been a love note from God?

May I pray? Jesus, thank You for loving us! Sometimes it’s hard to fathom that not only does the God of the Universe know us, but He loves us passionately. Thank You for the love notes You send to us each and every day. Help us to look and listen for You, and joyfully engage with You throughout the day as we encounter small blessings. May we smile and share Your love with others. Amen.

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