What Kind of Horse Are You?

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests that tells you all kinds of secret and obscure things about you that aren’t so secret or obscure? One of the most well-known is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which aims to tell people how they perceive the world and make decisions. There’s also the DiSC Assessment, Galen’s Four Temperaments, and even one test that determines if our personality is that of a lion (strong), otter (influential), golden retriever (steady), or beaver (diligent). Who knew we were so close to the animal kingdom?

Most of these tests show that we don’t fall into just one category. We’re complex. We react different ways to different situations. But they do show that we have overlying strengths and repeating weaknesses, and it’s helpful to understand these as we interact with other people.

So here’s another test. See where you fit into this: What Kind of Horse Are You?

1. Race Horse – The Thoroughbred race horse is as fast and sleek as they come. They are incredible athletes with a drive to win. But they’re also very flighty. They spook easy, and although they don’t like to be alone, they’re very picky about who they’ll stable with. They like the thrill of competition, but not necessarily the competitors. Some can be real divas.

2. Work Horse – The Quarter Horse is a solid, all-round good worker. They’re beautiful animals with a heart to please. And they do their part to keep the herd on an even keel. They’re ready each day to get the job done, but they need to have an outlet for fun (even horses want to work hard and play hard). Get the saddle out anytime because they’re always up for adventure with their closest friends.

3. Shetland Pony – The Shetland Pony is loyal and loving. It’s not that they don’t have aspirations to do great things, it’s that their definition of greatness is different than the big horses. Their calling is to spend quality time in nurturing others. Frolicking the fields and making children laugh is more rewarding than running at full speed down the race track. They’re calm and often quiet, and they want to believe the best in people.

4. Mule – Derived from breeding a horse with a donkey, the mule is often characterized as being stubborn. Because they are. If you want them to do something, you have to convince them it will benefit them. Or better yet, get them to think it’s their idea. They’re strong, they’re very capable, but they can come across bitter. Maybe they don’t feel like they really fit in. Maybe they don’t feel like they get the adoration of the other horses. But if you can get past their gruff demeanor by showing them love and respect, they will carry you through anything.

So what kind of horse are you? As with every personality test, I think I’m a combination. In many ways (including professionally), I’m a Work Horse. I do what it takes to get the job done. And I love adventure. In my personal life, I’m predominantly a Race Horse. Hard charging but easily spooked. I’ll admit, though, that there are moments when I long to be a Shetland Pony. And of course, those who know me well can attest that I have streaks of stubbornness that rival any Mule.

I’m curious to hear what kind of horse you are and why. For what it’s worth, I just created the What Kind of Horse Are You? Test today. Thank you for being my first testers.

What’s most important in learning about our personality types is that no matter what our strengths and weaknesses may be, we all have a significant role to play in the lives of others. God created us specifically with our personality, our likes and dislikes, and our strengths and weaknesses. He did this so that we wouldn’t be like everyone else. He has made us uniquely qualified for our calling, even if we’re not sure yet what that is. As we grow in confidence and learn how to interact with others based on their strengths and weaknesses, together we can accomplish amazing things.

Now let’s go jump some fences!

“Oh yes, You shaped me first inside, then out… I thank You, High God–You’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made!” Psalm 139:13-14 (MSG)

May I pray?

God, thank you for creating us with our unique personality. Sometimes we wish we were fast like a race horse or strong like a work horse. Sometimes we wish we could enjoy the fields like a pony or be less sensitive like a mule. But God, You created us for a life of purpose, whether we understand that purpose right now or not. Help us to embrace the strengths You have given us as we allow Your power to flow through us in our weaknesses. May we enjoy our time in the lush pastures of life with those around us, even if we’re totally different. Amen.

Q4U: What kind of horse are you and why?


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