Bonds of Sisterhood–Our Journey Begins!

What comes to mind when someone says “friend”? For most of us, it brings warm thoughts and a smile. We think of someone we like, and even love. And they feel the same way about us.

A good friend is someone we confide in. We want to spend time with them. Laugh and hang out with them. We lean on them. We cry to them. We trust them with our secrets. We trust them with our life.

And we know they’ll tell us the truth. About everything.

They’ll tell us if our mascara is smudged or we have an unruly eyebrow hair. They’ll check our teeth in the restaurant to make sure we’re clear. If we have toilet paper stuck to our shoe, or our skirt is bunched up in the back and we’re showing unmentionables, they’ll immediately take action. And they’ll come forward when they know someone’s been unfaithful to us, and then sob with us.

Good friends do for us what we would do for them. They accept us. The way we are. Right where we are. No matter where we’ve been.

This is how we know someone is a good friend: If they can’t pick us up when we fall, they sit down next to us until we’re ready to stand again.

As years go by and seasons in our life change, many friends move on or away. Even BFF’s. But there are some girls whose friendship will never be changed by time or circumstances. Those friends are like sisters. As the saying goes, friends are for now but sisters are forever.

Rising above real life starts with growing in sisterhood. We can’t do it alone. It’s a journey we walk with others in love, respect, trust and devotion. It will take time. It won’t be easy. But we can overcome the past. We can rise above the struggles we face today. We can gain courage and strength. We can move forward into new beginnings and a new season in life.

And we start today.

As we head out on our new adventure–this journey through life–let’s hold onto this truth: We don’t have to be alone or isolated.

Some of us have a lot of people to talk to, but no one to confide in. We don’t let anyone see behind the curtain. We don’t have anyone who knows the secrets and fears locked in the depths of our heart. We don’t believe anyone wants to know the real us. But all of that can change today.

We’ll go a day at a time and encourage each other along the way.

Whether we struggle through the mud pits of life or trek to the highest peaks, we’ll do it together. In sisterhood. Knowing that new life is ahead. Our journey begins!

 “A friend loves at all times, and a [sister] is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

May I pray?

Lord, thank you for giving us this opportunity to walk with new friends on our journey through life. May we share honestly and encourage each other in every challenge we face as we grow in sisterhood. And may we learn more about You along the way. Amen.

Q4U: What does friendship and sisterhood mean to you, or what is something special about your best friend?

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One thought on “Bonds of Sisterhood–Our Journey Begins!

  1. What I love about by best friend is that, like so many other friends, she encouraged and prayed for me while I was in an abusive marriage. What made her stand out from all the others? She opened her home and her heart to me and my children so we could get out of there when it got to be too much. A best friend loves you in those dark times, even when she has to sacrifice her own comfort and time just to help someone piece their life back together. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
    John 15:13

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