Who Needs A Good Doctor?

Do you have a good doctor you would recommend? The days of a physician that delivers babies and then cares for the entire family through adulthood are over. Now we have specialists for every phase of life, every disease, and every body part. Because there are so many doctors and specialties, few of us have a rapport with our doctor, if we even have a doctor at all.

I’m one of those people who will go once a year for my annual appointment because I have to. Other than that, if I’m not incapacitated with a major sinus infection or the flu, I’m not venturing to the doctor’s office for any reason. There are a lot of people who feel like they’re getting along just fine on their own and so they don’t see a physician for years. But even with an aversion to doctors’ offices, most of us will relent and go see the doctor when nothing else will help.

Many of us approach Jesus like we do doctors.

We don’t think we really need Jesus. We’re getting along fine on our own, why do we need to go see Him? But then something happens. We have a near death experience. Someone close to us is diagnosed with cancer, or even dies. Our child is sick and the doctors can’t seem to figure out why.

There comes a time when we realize we don’t have the power to heal ourselves or the ones we love. And we need healing.

Doctors can do amazing things with today’s medical technology. But medicine can only go so far. We need more. More than just physical healing. We need emotional healing. We need spiritual healing. Soul deep healing can happen even if physical healing does not. And it starts with hope.

Eternal hope isn’t found in any surgery or medication. Eternal hope is found in the Doctor we’re not sure we need. Jesus.

In order to find this hope, we have to come to Jesus. He is the Great Physician. He is God, and God is Jehovah-rapha, the Lord Who Heals. Jesus can heal us from the inside out. He can heal our heart wounds from the past. He can heal our physical bodies today. And even if He chooses not to heal us physically, He can bring wholeness to our soul as He prepares us for eternity in heaven with Him.

There may be some of us who think we’re too sick for Jesus to heal. We’ve lived some rough years in the world. We’ve made really bad choices that left deep gashes and wicked scars, in our mind and on our heart. We may believe that Jesus wants to help people who go to church and live a “good” life, but He wouldn’t want or be able to help someone like us.

Please know that Jesus did not come to hang out with healthy people who don’t need help. Jesus came to heal the people who know they’re sick.

Jesus came to touch the lepers who were untouchable. He came to forgive the prostitutes who were desperate for a new life. He came to transform the tax collectors who were hated by their own people because they lied, cheated and stole. He came to provide for and encourage the widows and orphans who were pushed aside by society. He even came to heal the woman who had been bleeding, broken and ostracized for over a decade. Through His love and attention, He healed her emotionally. Through His touch, He healed her physically.

In each case, Jesus did much more than physical healing.

Jesus has the power to heal us physically. But more important to Him is that we’re healed emotionally and spiritually. Jesus came to heal those who want soul-deep transformational healing.

We’re all in need of the Good Doctor.

“When Jesus heard this, He told them, ‘Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.’” Mark 2:17 (NLT)

May I pray?

Jesus, we’re sinners in need of You. We may or may not have physical ailments that we want healed. But one thing is for sure, we need healing. We have wounds and scars from the past that won’t go away. We have bruised and broken relationships that we can’t seem to fix on our own. We’re missing pieces of our heart from loved ones who are gone. Lord, You are Jehovah-rapha. You alone have the power to heal us from the inside out and transform our life. Please touch us with Your healing hand today. Please fill us with the eternal hope that comes only from You. Amen.

Q4U: Will you uncover your wounds for Jesus so He can start healing them?

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