What To Do When Jesus Is Coming

What do you do to get ready when a guest is coming to visit? It probably depends on who they are and how long they’re staying. If they’re someone important that we’re trying to impress, the vacuum comes out, counters are wiped down, our duster is fished out of the closet cobwebs, and all toys must be stashed out of sight. If they’re staying for more than an evening, new house rules are given for everyone to follow, including the dogs. But if our guest is family or a close friend coming to stay, we may not go to all that fuss.

As my grandmother taught me to say, “I’m treating you like family.” That’s code for: I like you so much I didn’t clean anything.

If a close friend is coming from out-of-town, we’ll do whatever it takes to clear our schedule, get up early, and stay up late so we can spend as much time together as possible. It’s not a matter of common courtesy. It’s what we genuinely want to do because we love our friend and dearly miss them.

So if we go out of our way to prepare for people we’re trying to impress, and if we clear our schedule for people we truly love, what do we do for Jesus?

Do we treat Jesus as an honored guest? Do we dust off our life and clean out the cobwebs so we can give our best to Him?

Do we treat Him as someone we love dearly and miss spending time with? Do we show Him how important He is to us by waking up early to talk to Him before heading off to work? Do we call Him during the day on our prayer line and spend time with Him at night before bed talking about our day?

Or do we go about our daily life without really thinking about Jesus at all? Without even looking His way?

Jesus is waiting for us. He’s with us right now. He wants us to turn to Him and acknowledge that He’s here. He wants us to sit with Him and have coffee in the morning as we read His Word. He wants us to call and talk to Him throughout the day.

If only we could pray through email. Actually we can––by journaling.

Write Jesus a quick email each day before lunch and hit save instead of send. Set aside special time with Him, not because you have to fit Him in your schedule, but because you can’t wait to talk to Him.

Jesus longs for us to spend time with Him. His schedule is always open. He’s willing and available to sit and listen. And He wants to tell us about Himself. If only we would listen.

Let’s make our heart Christ’s home. Let’s make Him feel welcome and be excited to see Him. He smiles every time we come towards Him. His arms are open and ready to receive us.

Jesus is coming to stay. Will you make time for Him?

“‘When I go, you will not be left all alone; I will come back to you.’” John 14:18 (GNT)

May I pray?

Lord, most of us go to great lengths to make our guests feel welcome and at home. But most of the time we treat You like family. We don’t do anything special for You. Father, please forgive us. Help us to start making the time to spend with You each day. Help us to acknowledge that You are with us, even right now. Help us to find new ways to connect with You each day through prayer, journaling and time in Your Word. May we have a true desire to grow our relationship with You. Amen.

Q4U: Will you make time for Jesus?


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4 thoughts on “What To Do When Jesus Is Coming

  1. This really helped me today! I think sometimes since my life is such a mess I shouldn’t spend time with the Lord, that’s He’s growing weary of my cries & complaints. I can’t clean up my mess for Him. I need my Savior to clean it up for me. Just meeting Him and making it special is what’s important. I love reading these blogs each day, they help me get back on the path!!

    • What a difference it makes when we take a few minutes to sit with Jesus, especially when things are in a swirl. I need daily reminders to do this too. I’m glad I can be a part of your day, and thanks for taking the time to write comments!

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