Wallenda’s Praise & Prayer at 1500'

20130701 Nik Wallenda Grand CanyonHave you ever seen the death-defying tightrope walk by Nik Wallenda over the Grand Canyon? No safety nets. No harness. Just a 2 inch cable stretching more than 1/4 mile across the canyon with winds whipping to 30 miles an hour. The swaying cable was 1500 feet in the air–higher than the Empire State Building! Wallenda balanced a 45 pound bar and knelt twice to wait out treacherous winds. The heart-stopping footage, broadcast live on national TV, captured the expanse below as a helicopter circled him on the wire. It took Wallenda, a seventh generation descendant of the famous Flying Wallendas, over 20 minutes to cross the gorge.

And through it all, step by careful step, he praised Jesus.

“Praise You, God; praise You, Jesus,” Wallenda repeated over and over again. “Help me to relax, Lord… Thank You for calming that cable, God… You’re my King, You’re my Protector, You’re my Shield, You’re my Strength, You’re my Lord.”

Known as “King of the High Wire”, Wallenda told the Christian Post that he often talks to God during his tightrope walks. “I find that peaceful and relaxing, and He’s the only one up there listening to me,” Wallenda said. “My life is based on my faith. I guess the biggest role it plays is that if I do fall and die I know where I’m going.”

We may never do something as risky as walking a tightrope across a canyon, but all of us face troubles in this world that cause worry and stress to flood into our lives. Fear and uncertainty can be overwhelming as we struggle to stay afloat and somehow get back on solid ground.

Like Nik Wallenda, if we turn to Jesus in our times of trial we too can find peace, no matter what our circumstances are.

How do we know that Jesus will be our safety net and life line? Because Jesus Himself tells us this. Jesus said that when we remain connected to Him, every day and in every aspect of our life, we will be filled with His joy and His peace. This doesn’t mean we won’t face trials. In fact, Jesus specifically says we WILL have troubles. But we won’t be defeated by anything in this world because Jesus has already overcome the world and given us eternal life. When we follow Jesus, we too can rise above our real life circumstances and step forward with courage, peace and hope.

So whether you’re carefully walking a tightrope of life or casually strolling through good times, talk to God and praise Him each step of the way. Rejoice in His love for you and receive His joy and peace!

“‘I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’” John 16:33

Let’s talk: What situation in your life needs praise and prayer to bring peace?

May I pray? Lord Jesus, thank You that even in our scariest and most stressful moments, You are right here with us. There is nowhere we can go that is too far from You. Whether we’re walking 1500’ in the air or struggling to get out of the dark pits of real life, with a word in prayer we are instantly connected to You, our Savior. Grant us the courage to lay down our fears and burdens and run to You today. May we praise You and rejoice in Your joy, peace and hope as we encourage those around us. Amen.

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