Thunderstorms that Rock the House

ThunderstormsDo you like thunderstorms? Some people chase them. Some are terrified of them. Me, I love them. I love the deep rolls of thunder that you not only hear but you feel down in your soul. I love watching the powerful bursts of lightning pierce the night sky. I count the seconds between the lightning and thunder to know how far off the storm is (one mile for every five seconds I’ve been told).

Even if we love them, we learn at a very young age that thunderstorms warrant caution.

They can be a precursor to something much more destructive, like tornadoes. Here in the Midwest, kids are taught that if they hear wind that sounds like a train they should run to the safe part of the house.

Thunderstorms can also be an inconvenience, especially if you have to vacate the pool because of lightning. A couple of weeks ago my friend was taking his kids to a water park. There was a good chance of thunderstorms. His son, who’s 7, asked, “Dad, do angels have bowling tonight?” Puzzled, my friend said he wasn’t sure and asked why. His son replied, “Because that’s what gives us thunderstorms!”

Who knew?

Whether it’s bowling night or not, thunderstorms can pop up without much warning. And they can be violent. Thunder may shake the windows and lightning may hit nearby. Winds may blow the trees horizontally. Rains may pour down in sheets we can’t see through. But if we’re watching the storm from a house with a solid foundation, we don’t need to fear. We’re protected. We’re shielded from the wrath of the storm. We have a covering around us that will take the brunt of the storm and keep us dry and safe.

The same is true as we go through the storms of life.

We’re as secure as the foundation we’ve built on. Are we building on shifting sands? Do our emotions influence what we believe from day to day or month to month? Do our choices change based on who we’re with?

Or do we have a faith built on the immovable and unchanging Rock of Jesus Christ? Do we have a covering that protects us from destruction as storms pass through? Are we standing firm on God’s Word and truth?

It’s never too late to start building a new foundation that can withstand the storms of life. Storms will come. Let’s get ready for them.

“Everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice is like a wise [woman] who built [her] house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” Matthew 7:24-25

May I pray?

Jesus, only You can save us from the turmoil and destruction of life’s storms. Some of us have endured violent storms of life already. Some of us feel the swirling winds around us now. Some of us see the dark clouds starting to form. No matter what our current situation, the truth is that storms will come. Our foundation will be tested. Our faith, if we have one, will be tried. We don’t want our life to be shattered. We want a solid foundation. We want to persevere and overcome. Help us, please, to learn how to turn to You in every storm. Teach us how to find You in Your Word. Teach us how to build upon the solid Rock of Jesus Christ today. Amen.

Q4U: What are some ways we can build our foundation on the Rock?

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