I Am Second

Have you ever aspired to be in second place? It’s true that some people want to be vice president of an organization. And hopefully Olympic silver medalists are ecstatic they’re considered the elite of the world even if they didn’t win gold. But let’s face it, in this day and age most people are pushing to come out on top.

That’s where I was. Climbing the ladder of success. Clawing my way to get and stay on top. Hoping my shaky house of cards wouldn’t come crashing down.

At some point, the truth of our emptiness is exposed. Secrets, regrets, or guilt arise from the past. The allure of fame, drugs, or money wears off. Illusions of our perfect family go up in smoke. And what are we left with? Brokenness and hopelessness that won’t let go.

I’ve heard story after story of people like you and me who expected life to turn out one way but were broadsided by reality. Lives characterized by bold pursuits of success, perfection, satisfaction, and purpose. Lives shattered by abuse, abandonment, failing self-esteem, abortion, and health issues.

What I know from my experience is that new life is possible. But not when I was trying to control my destiny. As long as I was in the driver’s seat, I careened down a winding, bumpy road full of pitfalls.

But as soon as I was willing to move over and allow Jesus to rightfully take First Place in my life, that’s when I was given a second chance. That’s when new beginnings emerged.

Have you heard of I Am Second? It’s a site where people tell their stories first hand, like:

  • Musicians & TV Personalities: Chip & Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper), Josh Turner (Country Music), Jason Castro (American Idol), Lecrae (Rapper/Hip Hop)
  • Girls in the balance: Bethany Hamilton (Young Surfer, lost her arm in a shark attack), Michelle Aguilar (The Biggest Loser), Kathy Ireland (Former Model), Ashley Rawls (Former Pageant Winner)
  • Sports heroes: Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys), Sam Bradford (St. Louis Rams), Josh Hamilton (LA Angels), Tony Dungy (NFL Coach)
  • People like you and me: Pete Briscoe (my Pastor, Struggle: Pride), Shana (Struggles: Brokenness, Abuse, Divorce), Shannon Culpepper (Struggles: Abandonment, Relationships, Purpose), Lisa Luby Ryan (Struggles: Abortions, Abuse, Divorce)

All of us have something in common: Life is hard. The dreams we had aren’t anywhere near where life has taken us. And yet, by making the choice to get to know Jesus and put Him first in our life, the darkness and brokenness of the past will no longer have a stranglehold on us. There is freedom. There is hope. There is new life. When we are second.

I have a shirt sporting the “I Am Second” logo. I’m always curious what the reaction will be to this simple message. When I was in Israel, a woman came up to me and proclaimed, “I’m the middle child too!” That wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But recently at DFW airport a TSA guard asked, “Who’s first?” I said with a smile, “Jesus is.”

When you are second to Jesus, God can transform your life.

If you’re feeling discouraged or alone, if you’re empty or afraid, if you’re somewhere you never thought you’d be and you don’t know how to get back to solid ground, do something radical. Talk to Jesus.

Ask Jesus to show you who He is through His Word, the Bible. Read about Him in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Be honest with Him. Follow His lead. Even if people in your life have hurt you or betrayed you, know with certainty that Jesus never will. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Jesus came to heal the hurting and find the lost. He came to restore our brokenness and lead us forward. Drop whatever keeps you from Him, and follow Him on the path to new life. There is nothing you have done that He won’t forgive. Nothing.

Our second (or third or fourth) chance at life begins when we make Jesus first!

“Just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives.” Romans 6:4 (NLT)

Let’s talk: Will you start talking to Jesus about making Him first in your life?

May I pray? Jesus, thank You for coming to heal the hurting and find the lost. We need You! Thank You for calling to us over and over again. Open our ears to hear! Thank You for dying for our sins so that we can have new life through You. Oh how we long for freedom and joy and hope of a better tomorrow! Fill us with Your love and peace as we talk to You today. May we follow after You on a new path, rejoicing that we are second and You alone are first in our lives. Amen.

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