Front Row Parking and Other Needs

What do you need today? If someone were to ask me, I’d probably say more time, more money, or less stress. Not really things you can put on a birthday list. So if they pressed me and said, “Today, specifically what do you need?” I’d have to think about it.

Not too long ago I could have answered that question very quickly. I needed a parking spot.

Do you ever get stuck going around and around in parking lots and garages looking for a place to park? My husband and I were going out for sushi. The restaurant is one of our favorites, but it’s in a town center with lots of restaurants. And far too few garages and parking spaces. We had a full day so by the time we headed over there it was prime time for mass crowds. It could take way too long to find a place to park.

So as we neared the town center I started praying for a parking spot.

It may seem odd to pray for something as trivial as parking, but why not? God can part the seas and raise the dead back to life. Certainly He can provide parking. As I was praying, my husband laughed (not a rude laugh, just an amused chuckle). I told him the story Lon Solomon tells about various trips to the shopping mall with his boys. Every time they went to the mall they prayed out loud for a good parking space. And every time they prayed, Jesus answered.

Lon loved to tell about the amazing front row spots he and his kids got. Because they prayed.

I finished telling the story as we began pulling into the parking garage. My husband said, “Well, if I see a car levitating I’ll know your prayer worked.” And I said, “We won’t need to see a car levitating because Jesus knew our need before we asked for it and the spot is already empty.”

And wouldn’t you know, as we pulled around the first curve on the main level of the packed garage, there it was. Right by the exit to restaurant row. One open spot. Waiting for us.

My response as we pulled in?

First, I said, “Thank You, Jesus!” and gave Him a high-five in the air. Then I turned to my beau and said, “See, I told you so.” Yeah, who’s laughing now!

Out of respect and full disclosure, it’s important for me to tell you that my husband loves Jesus and fully believes He can do anything. In fact, he’s a real prayer warrior. But like many of us, he has never prayed for something like a parking space and wouldn’t think to bring a request like that to God. Why? Because it doesn’t seem to be a real need. Not like food, clothing, resolution to conflicts, or the mortgage payment. Those are needs. But a parking space?

Here’s the thing: Jesus wants to be involved in every aspect of our life. Even going to dinner and parking. He wants us to be including Him and bringing Him into the situation. And He loves to bless us and show us His power. So if we’re turning to Him and asking for something in His will, in His name, and for His glory, expect that He will answer.

Yes, my asking for a parking space benefits me. But the real blessing is to be able to tell the story of God’s power and answer to such a menial prayer! God is so good. He can do so much more than we will ever ask or imagine. It’s time to start asking and praising Him in the process!

We all have big things that need prayer. Some we pray ourselves, some we hope others are praying for us. God hears every prayer. He’s working behind the scenes and will answer in His way and in His timing, for His glory.

But God also wants us to pray the little things. The “lesser” needs. Because it includes Him in our every day details and turns our thoughts to Him. Pray your lesser needs today. Thank God for hearing your prayers. And remember to give praise to Jesus when He answers.

“You can ask for anything in My name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.” John 14:13 (NLT)

May I pray?

Jesus, You have the power to calm storms, heal the sick, and raise dead people to life. You certainly have the power to handle our smallest requests. Help us to take a different perspective today. Instead of weighing what we want and only bringing the biggest issues to You, help us to think about what we would want if we were You. Lord, if we were You, we would want our children to bring every desire and need to us so we could bless them. And You want the same thing. Sometimes answers to the little requests are even more of a blessing because it shows how much You truly do care about us. I praise You for Your love and for giving us so much, even when we forget to thank You. Amen.

Q4U: What is one of your “lesser” needs that you haven’t brought to Jesus?

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