Are We There Yet?

Have you ever been on a long trip when someone in your family (or group) breaks through the impatience barrier and utters those all-too-famous words, “Are we there yet?” The answer, of course, is obvious. No. If we were there, we wouldn’t still be traveling to get there. But in our impatient and control-centered humanness, we can’t help but ask it again. Are we there yet? And when that question becomes forbidden by co-travelers (aka parents), we go to the next one, “How soon ‘til we get there?”

We often associate these questions with bored children. But without realizing it, most of us are asking the same questions. To God. To family and friends. To whoever will listen. Are we there yet? Do we have to keep waiting? When is the stinkin’ journey to the next season of life going to be over?

And then we start compromising, convincing ourselves we don’t want to give God time to work in our lives. Maybe the wilderness isn’t such a bad place to hang out after all. At least we could start putting down some roots. Can’t we start unpacking now and get comfortable? Why keep waiting for something we don’t know anything about?

But the answer is still the same. No, we’re not there yet. Pipe down.

Yesterday we talked about the freedom of flying. How awesome our mountaintop experiences are when we soar with God on wings like eagles, and see the world from His unobstructed perspective. Soaring is a delight and joy lived out in the moment. Unfortunately, most of our life isn’t lived on the highest peaks or in the air soaring above the valleys below.

Most of life is lived on the ground.

Most of life is lived on foot. Running the race marked out for us. Trekking through the valleys on our way to the next mountain. Battling through the trenches. Crawling through the mud pits of real life.

Life on the ground has its ups and downs. When we’re running, life is good. We may not be reveling at the vista we see, but we feel strong as we run with purpose. We’re headed from one mountain peak to the next, knowing that good things are ahead. But we can only run for so long. The wilderness of real life is dense and dark, and often our path becomes full of thorns. And so we slow to a walk. Making our way through the thickets. Climbing over obstacles. Wading through murky waters. Often wondering where the path has gone. Are we still headed for the next peak, or are we totally lost? Daily life becomes a heavy pack we’re carrying. And one day we realize that we’re now living drudgery instead of delight.

Once we were soaring on wings like eagles. Now we’re barely able to take another step without giving up. What happened?

The reality is that we can’t soar through life from beginning to end. We have to spend time on the ground. But it doesn’t have to drain us. We can run with excitement and not grow weary. We can walk daily life and not feel faint. How? By putting our hope in God, and keeping it there even in dark times. By trusting in Him to lead the way through the wilderness when the path has vanished. By waiting for what He reveals, and when, as our new life unfolds down the road. And by walking the journey of life with others in sisterhood.

As sisters walking together, we encourage each other to keep going when we’re ready to give up. We help each other stay on track when we’re veering off course. And we share love and laughter one day at a time. No one has to walk the journey alone. No one should.

Some days are harder than others. But if we’ll stop looking at our watch and asking, “Are we there yet?” and instead ask, “Lord, where are You?” our whole perspective will change. God is ready to take our heavy packs and carry them for us. If we continue to come to Him each day, He’ll fill us up with strength we could never find on our own. And He’ll make sure we get where we’re supposed to go, right on time.

Remember, if we’re with God, we’ll never miss out on the best things of life He has planned for us. Never.

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

May I pray?

God, we want to climb the next peak and soar with You again. It’s so hard when most of life is lived on the ground. We grow weary and faint. We forget how to find You. And sometimes we don’t even notice that we’re lost. Thank You that it’s never too late to come back to You. Please answer us today as we call to You. And please help us to reach out to sisters in Christ so we can walk the journey together. Amen.

Q4U: Are you more prone to ask God, “Are we there yet?” or “Lord, where are You?”

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