What’s In Your Wallet?

Have you seen or heard those catchy credit card commercials that depict the medieval people in funny modern-day situations? The message of the commercials is twofold: 1) we can and should go experience the world, and 2) no matter what predicament we get in, this credit card will take care of everything. The commercials end with the question, “What’s in your wallet?”

They make us wonder, “What am I missing out on?” and “Is what I already have really going to take care of me when I need help?” The intent is that we’ll decide we need that credit card. It opens up new opportunities for fun. It ensures our full protection. It gives us peace of mind.

So what is in our wallet (or purse)?

Credit cards and checkbooks? How many? Makeup and lip gloss to make us feel beautiful? iPhones to stay connected? Designer sunglasses to keep us cool? Keys to houses and cars and work? Pictures of special people? Daytimers? Books? A card for a friend that we keep forgetting to give them? Okay, that’s in mine. Things at the bottom that we haven’t seen in months?

Our wallet or purse is a pretty good indication of where we are in life and what we do each day.

It carries links to our most treasured possessions. Money. Beauty. House or car. Career. The perfect relationship. But do any of these truly offer full protection or bring peace of mind? Can they fill our longings for purpose and connection, or do they temporarily offer an escape that ultimately leads to emptiness? For some of us, we don’t have strong relationships and we do whatever we can to fill the void. For others, our busyness with work and activities often takes our time and attention away from those people and things that we want to be most important in our life.

So where is our treasure?

What do we pour our heart into? What gets our best time every day? What do we focus on and look forward to? What do we spend money on and save up for? Family? Kids? Husband or boyfriend? Friends? Job? Vacations? Our golf game? Favorite TV shows? Magazines? Our amazing shoe collection? Great parties on Saturday nights? Something else?

Does God fit in there anywhere?

The things we hold dear can be wonderful gifts in our life that bless us in amazing ways. But if they pull us away from building strong bonds with family and friends, and if we begin pursuing the gifts instead of the Giver, we’re headed for a dark and lonely place.

What we pour our heart and soul into should fill our lives with joy and peace. Are we happy with the treasure displayed in our life today? Or are we continually digging for empty treasure that goes out of style or is forgotten tomorrow? Are we sacrificing time with those people we genuinely care about? Are we sacrificing time with God?

Think about who and what you treasure. Then give them your best today.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34

May I pray?

Lord, we’re constantly bombarded with messages telling us that we should want more, buy more, work more so we can play more. But at the end of the day, these things rarely fill us up. We’re left feeling empty, and so we go in a circle again, trying to do more and get more. Father, help us to step back and think about what’s most important in our life. Help us to understand that true joy and peace do not come from anything we can buy or make or get, but they come through a loving relationship with You and with others. Help us today to stop trying to get something to satisfy us. May we instead pour our heart into lasting treasure. Amen.

Q4U: What is the treasure in your life?

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