Writing: Back Away from the Toilet Bowl!

Back Away from the Toilet Bowl: Getting Out of the Spinning Turmoil of Life

Many of us have at one time or another felt our lives spinning out of control. The turmoil of too little time. Or too much stress. Or relationships. Or failing marriages. Or raising children. Or finances. Or work. Or where to live. Or health scares. Or much greater trials. Or all of the above!

Turmoil gets us going around and around, and we try to stay afloat while things are going down. And all of a sudden we can’t keep our heads above water, we can hardly breathe, and it’s as if we’re being flushed down a toilet bowl. And if we land in a pit, it’s as if the water keeps pouring down on top of us. No matter how we try to escape, we keep sinking lower and lower, heading for the black hole at the bottom that goes to who knows where.

Whether you’re young or old, whether you’re single or married, whether you’re dealing with day-to-day challenges or life altering trials, we all experience the swirl of life.

So what’ a girl to do? Let’s walk this road together as we learn how to back away from what pulls us down. And let’s move forward in strength.