Writing: Climb Up on The Rock

Climb Up on The Rock: Finding a Firm Foundation in the Storms of Life

This is a story about life. Real life. Hard life. Life without purpose. Life without fairness. Life that keeps going when we’re barely hanging on. This is a story about life overflowing with joy, and life in absolute despair. And everything in between.

This is a story about love. Real love. Love, even if we don’t feel that others have loved us. Love, even if we don’t feel that we can ever love again. Not the love we would expect. Not fairytale, happy-ending love. But love that gives us the strength for one more day. Love that brings new life out of the ashes of utter hopelessness.

This is the story of a survivor’s journey. How she learned to climb up on the Rock of Christ in the midst of the raging storms of life. And how that Rock provides the foundation to persevere. How it gives the seeds of hope for a new life ahead. This story is for everyone who has endured a storm in their life, or knows someone who has.